What Are the 5 Different Types of Essay & How to Write Them

Essay writing is an integral part of student life. A well-structured essay can convey ideas, opinions, and emotions effectively, making it a powerful tool for communication. But before you start writing an essay, our TOK experts offer valuable insights and assistance in crafting well-structured essays https://en.ibuyessay.com/tok.html. And it is necessary to understand the essay forms and how to approach each one.

This article will discuss the 5 different types of essays you need to know and how to approach each one.

1. Argumentative essays

The argumentative essay is one of the five essay writing types. Here, the writer presents a clear stance on a particular topic and supports it with proof. This type of essay is typically used in academic settings to show arguments and back up a thesis. In an argumentative essay, the essayist must offer solid proof, such as statistics, facts, and examples, to support their stance.

The key to writing a successful argumentative essay is to choose a theme you feel strongly about, and offer proof to back-up your argument. The introduction should present the theme and the thesis statement. The body of the essay should explore the arguments and proof. The concluding part should summarize the arguments and restate the thesis.

2. Descriptive essays

The style of an essay is mostly descriptive.

Descriptive essays are used to describe a person, place, or thing in detail. This type of essay intends to bring the reader into the scene and create a vivid picture in their mind. In this essay, the essayist should use vivid language and descriptive details to bring the subject to life.

To write a descriptive essay, you need to choose a subject that you have a clear understanding of and can describe in detail. Start by brainstorming and creating a list of descriptive words and phrases that describe the subject. Then, arrange the essay into an introductory section, a body, and concluding section, and use sensory details, such as sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, to bring the subject to life.

3. Expository essays

Expository essays are used to explain or inform the reader about a particular theme or subject. Unlike argumentative essays, expository essays do not require the essayist to take a stance or argue. Instead, the essayist intends to offer informative and educative points on the theme.

In an expository essay, the essayist should begin with an introduction that defines the theme and presents the thesis statement. The body of the essay should offer informational meaning and explanations, while the concluding section should summarize the information and provide closure.

4. Narrative essays

Narrative essays are used to tell a story.

They are often personally and creatively written, allowing the essayist to express themselves uniquely and imaginatively. In this essay, the essayist uses descriptive terms to narrate the story and engage the reader.

To write a narrative essay, choose a story that you want to tell, and think about the key elements, such as setting, characters, plot, and conflict. Start by creating an outline, and then start writing the essay. The concluding section should wrap up the story.

5. Persuasive essays

The last among the various styles of essays is the persuasive essay.

Persuasive essays are used to convince the reader to adopt a specific viewpoint or take a specific action. Like argumentative essays, persuasive essays require the essayist to take a stance and support it with proof. But while argumentative essays intend to prove a point, persuasive essays intend to sway the reader’s opinion.

Just as it is in an argumentative essay, in a persuasive essay, the writer should start with an introduction that showcases the theme and thesis statement. The body should also present arguments and proof to support the thesis, and the conclusion should summarize the arguments and restate the thesis.


When approaching each of these five types of essays, it is essential to understand the types of essay format for each. Each type of essay requires a different approach, and it is vital to understand the difference between them to write an effective essay. By knowing the different types of essays, you can choose the right form for your purpose and communicate your ideas effectively.

The 5 types of essay you need to know are argumentative, descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive. Each type of essay has a unique purpose and style, and to be a successful essayist, you must learn how to write each. Whether you are writing an academic essay or a personal story, understanding how to write these different essays will help you in perfecting your writing skills, and engaging with your audience.

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