Scholarship Essay Prompts: Outline and Format

Essays for grant applications are a crucial aspect of every application process, as they allow the grant panel to analyze your writing skills, creativity, and interest in the theme. A well-written grant essay can be the difference between being awarded the grant and not. Therefore,…

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How to Write a Comparative Analysis Essay: Tips

Writing a comparative analysis essay is a common task for students, but it is certainly not an easy one. This type of essay aims to compare and contrast. It can be written about anything from books, movies, historical events, people, or even ideas. If you…

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What Are the 5 Different Types of Essay & How to Write Them

Essay writing is an integral part of student life. A well-structured essay can convey ideas, opinions, and emotions effectively, making it a powerful tool for communication. But before you start writing an essay, our TOK experts offer valuable insights and assistance in crafting well-structured essays…

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